Worried about upcoming ads-b requirements? Avionics Maintenance Today can help you make sense out of the mandate and make it easier to comply. We highly recommend making the necessary changes as soon as possible to avoid fines and take advantage of the newest technology available.

Don’t Delay

Some estimates show that nearly one hundred thousand aircraft have yet to be fitted with new technology. If you’re one of the last to implement changes, you may face exhaustive lines and fail to meet the deadline. In places where the deadline has arrived, and aircraft did not comply with guidelines, significant lengths of time for being grounded was the immediate result. It’s almost certain that a similar fate awaits those who choose to ignore the coming mandate’s timeframe for compliance.

Don’t Count on an Extension

An FAA spokesman has already publicly denied that an extension will allow those who have chosen to ignore the deadline to comply within an elongated mandate term. As of now, if you want to operate your aircraft in controlled airspace, you’ll have to update by December 31, 2019. The time is growing short- and it’s likely that the rates to update are as low as they’re ever going to be.

Most experts surmise that the cost of installing the new technology will go up, not down. If you’re waiting around for prices to drop, there is more evidence that you’ll miss the compliance deadline before you see a lowering of costs.

What About Upcoming Aircraft Sales?

You’ll have the best chances of selling your aircraft if you upload to the new ads-b requirements now. Aircraft brokers confirm that sellers who try to find a buyer without implementing new technology first will face a long, difficult sale. Take advantage of today’s low costs and virtually short wait lines for compliance if you’re thinking about selling your aircraft.

Sorting Out the Myths About ADS-B Requirements

Aircraft owners who wish to avoid the costs of compliance say there are no real benefits to upgrading to new technology. Nothing could be further from the truth. The fact is, ads-b will provide surveillance in areas that are not currently covered by radar, reducing traffic separation in busy airspace and allowing controllers to plan long into the future. Considering the numerous safety enhancements that will be automated, there’s a lot to love about the new technology.

Don’t Rely on Sub-Truths

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