Today, airspace is filled with aging Cessna Citation jets, creating high demand and a vast market for Citation maintenance and repair. With almost five decades have passed since the groundbreaking prototype of the Cessna Citation family was unveiled, the Citation fleet has grown to more than 7,000 jets to date. More popular than ever, the Cessna Citation remains in high demand because of its pilot-friendly flying. But, as these preferred entry-level jets get older, somebody's got to maintain and repair them. With so many service centers to choose from, who should you select to service your Cessna Citation?

Consider Textron Aviation

Textron Aviation has perhaps the largest and most comprehensive support network for Cessna Citation owners in the world. Textron Aviation is FAA and EASA certified with locations throughout North America and across the globe. Textron service centers are fully equipped with all the necessary tooling, technology, and parts to perform Citation maintenance and repair on-demand. Additionally, all Textron service centers have huge parts rooms. Greater parts support means more exceptional service.

Instead of having all parts shipped in from a single location whenever a Citation maintenance and repair need arises, Textron takes a different approach to parts supply. Each Textron service center carries inventory and categorizes it in different fashions. Fast-moving or high-demand parts, which are parts with three or more demands per year, are stocked and are readily available off the shelf. These high-demand parts account for roughly 97% of Citation maintenance and repair needs. Further, significant carriers can move parts overnight and can get the parts to their clients wherever and whenever you need them.

Textron Mobile Service

Textron is reputed for performing exceptional Citation maintenance and repair work. Their motto is "Serve, Support, Surpass," and they work hard to live up to that motto. One of the ways that Textron Aviation stands out is by supplying full-service mobile units. Textron mobile units can drive to their clients who happen to be outside of a Textron service center area. Essentially, Textron can bring a service bay to you.

It's an invaluable service to have a portable office at your hangar. Textron also offers temporary personnel support via Textron's mobile service to help your team with better Citation maintenance and repair. Get all the latest avionics upgrades to your Cessna Citation with the most dynamic and advanced technology in avionics today. Textron is also known for providing avionics maintenance and repair that is seamless in appearance and performance. Indeed, Textron is second-to-none in quality aviation craft.

When you partner with Textron Aviation, you get the advantage of a quality maintenance team behind you wherever you go. These aren't ordinary technicians. Textron has the most tenured crew in aviation. Protect and maintain your plane with Textron.

To summarize, Textron is the service provider you can trust for all of your Citation maintenance and repair needs.

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